FO's and other things

First of all, Lori's hat. The beginning (I forgot the bobbin shot and the skeined yarn shot-I promise I'll do better next time!):

And, finished, but still wet, shown off by the girlie:

My girl is presenting, with her big, cheesy grin, our fat cat Cosmo. I'll need camera batteries before I can show you a good picture of him. He's three or four times bigger than our skinny cat Max.

The boy insisted I take a picture of him with his animal, Emmy. She's a lot of dog, being mostly Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and it goes without saying that he's the only one who gets to do this:

Their relationship has been hard won, for all three of us. They're both six, but he's taken to calling her "Grandma".

Now, on a different subject entirely, I've opened an Etsy shop (does anyone know how to pronounce it?) Four different people suggested this idea to me last week, and it's quite a bit less expensive, and specifically focused on crafty things. Since I opened the shop less than 24 hours ago, my fibers have been viewed at least as many times as they were on Ebay. Wish me luck!

I'm back to knitting the mystery sweater now. I'll leave you with the results of my dye day with Gryphon.