I slept with my pj's inside out last night

And it worked! Not only did we finally get some snow, but the kids got a snow day. It was a little ridiculous, as the ground even wasn't entirely covered in my neighborhood, but I imagine the teachers needed a break, too.

And after all, a winter should not go by with out a few decent runs on Suicide Hill.

Can't you just hear the boy child saying to his best friend, "Awesome run, dude. Sweet!"

Actually, the real reason we were all there was do a photo shoot in the snow (while it lasted). My very accomodating and lovely friends agreed to let me take their pictures in their hats, made by me, of course, from my hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn.

Linda graciously takes pictures of my dyed yarn and roving, as well as anything else I ask her to photograph. She is also the mother of boy-child's best bud, among many other wonderful things. I also knit her hat with some Malabrigio worsted yarn and Corriedale dyed in blues (Bell Bottom Blues colorway) and spun thick and thin style.

Mary, who might hate having her picture taken even more than the other two, created my beautiful logo and business card. An amazing and multi-talented person, Mary is not only the mother of the girl-child's close bud but one of my dog's favorite people.

Here's Emmy now, with three of her favorite people. It's not every dog who looks so good in a hat!

And finally, I leave you with a hat in progress.

Well, there is a hat in progress. I just need to find it. The yarn is lovely, too. Spun as singles from superfine merino, it feels like silk going through my fingers. I'll show you next time.