Is this thing on?

Testing, testing... Hi, I'm Kate, knitter, spinner, dyer, and sometimes sewer hoping to connect with the great wide world. Like many, I hope to make Dragonfly Fiber Designs a successful business providing hand-dyed and hand-spun fibers and yarn as well as patterns. I have a web-site in the works, but being the technical wizard that I am, that could take a while.

Luckily my usually lovely husband Jack, while maybe not a wizard, is at least a member of the 21st century and conveniently, an engineer. It was he who suggested, when the spinning wheel came home and it became clear that fiber was going to take up more, not less space in our house and our lives, that I do something useful with my obsession with wool. Something useful, in his opinion, like commerce, or feeding the obsessions of others. This is the same man, who, when I described my plans to start a kids knitting group (somehow it seems wrong to call it a Stitch and Bitch), said, "you're like the tobacco companies".

I have a very small, tiny Ebay store. My sense is that on-line buyers of hand-dyed fiber and yarn aren't looking on Ebay, but it seemed to be way to start without building or buying a shopping cart. The Catch-22 is that I don't want to list items because it will cost money and then no one will buy them, but of course, no one will buy them if they're not listed also. I have made a couple of sales.

I also have hand-painted rovings and some hand-spun on consignment with The Sanguine Gryphon. Gryphon is also looking to make her mark on the fiber world, although it can be argued that she has already begun, with a number of published patterns, line of handspun yarn, and a nice little spinning shop.

I think that's enough for now. I don't think I'll tell you how long it's taken me to set up this blog and write this post. I'll leave you with one last picture, taken by my girl-child, that pretty well sums up my life at present.