Mondays are for knitting

I kind of work three jobs. The main and most important one is that of mommy. That one is a bit more than full-time. Occasionally, I go to a paid job, as a clinical social worker; this usually happens on evenings and weekends, but just a couple times a week. The really very reasonable husband seems to think this job should happen more often. You know how those husbands who do most of the ouside-the-house, support the family work, secretly believe they would do a much better job as "mommy"?

Then there is the start a yarn business job. Also a full-time gig, although I realize that I am truly a work-in-progress when it comes to organizing my time. And that is getting better now that the boy-child is in school. This schedule makes Mondays particularly precious, in a take the kids to school, walk the dog, ignore the housework, and knit all day until they come home again kind of way. Now if the husband had not deleted my recording of the Aussie Open Women's Tennis Final, it would have been perfect. But it was close.

Mysteriously, I can't show you pictures of my progress as the project is a design that I am knitting for Deb Stoller's knitting book for men and boys. But I can't wait for you to see it. My dad has been waiting for the original version for two years; he is of the opinion that I don't finish things. While my dad has good reasons for this notion, he is actually mistaken. Best to keep it that way for now. Anyway, here I am with my dad-and I'm wearing a Finished Object!

It's the Modern Bustier from Leigh Radford's Alterknits, with a massive gauge problem. We won't talk about the fact that I ripped and re-knit this twice and it's still wrong. The Harlot is so right about the capriciousness of gauge. The piece was beautiful,, knitted in a merino-angora yarn that I kettle-dyed a lovely red-violet. Either I'm putting darts to shape the waist, or I'm frogging and re-using the yarn. I'll let you know.

I'll end with another FO, modeled by the girl-child. The pattern is inspired by several from Shannon Okey's very charming Spin to Knit and knit in my own hand-dyed hand-spun with ribbony-yarn accents. I finished it last night during the Superbowl (yay Colts! Did you know Peyton Manning is a Louisiana boy?) and blocked it before bed. This morning, the girl-child was so enthusiastic that she insisted it was not wet (it was) and wore it to school on our first really freezing cold day.