Six Day Weekend!

(and a half). Now, imagine that sentiment screamed at full volume - over and over. My alternate title for this post was: Blizzard(?) 2007, or maybe the blizzard that never was but still closed Montgomery County from an early release on Tuesday through Friday. Combine that with a three day weekend and there you have it. And, to be honest, while the kids got a little cranky from an unexpected lack of structure, I love the anarchy that tends to come with a good snowstorm. Ice storms are a bit less fun, but it is good to stop life for a while.

After the ice storm on top of the snow, we had a crust that my rather tall husband could walk on with out leaving footprints. And you know what that's good for?

Penguin sliding! Emmy says, "It's always a good time play ball!"

What else is a snow storm (and a pretend snowstorm) good for? Throwing a party, of course! Conveniently, our great friend Mary O came down for a visit with her two adorable kids. She and her family had moved away to New England (now, they know how to have a snowstorm up there!) this summer and they have been greatly missed throughout the neighborhood. So, we have had much visiting and hanging out and Stitching and Bitching, of course.

More on what Mary O is knitting in the near future.

There was much decorating, and eating, of cookies and also some knitting. I am still knitting the mystery sweater - it is a big sweater!