Dragonfly Spring Color

Yesterday was Dye Day, for the first time in quite a while. I think it may have had something to do with the sun finally shining and the temperatures warming up. Dye Day is the best - alot of work but totally worth it. But you know what's even better? The day after Dye Day. The day after is just like Christmas all over again because that's the day you unwrap the little packages of fiber you dyed the day before. You know you've been successful when you unwrap the yarn or roving and the liquid runs fairly clear. That means that all the dye you used has actually bonded with the fiber (and not the water it was mixed in).

While I have achieved some beautiful colors, I have not often succeeded at fully exhausting the dye before i open the packages and rinse the excess dye out. And in the case of one colorway, the yarn will be soaking long after I've gone to bed. You'll have to see that another time. I know some colors don't exhaust as well as others. Orange seems to be a personal problem for me. And green wants to exhaust before it has bonded sufficiently with the fiber. Oh well, in the words of my friend Linda, all things worth doing are hard at first. Otherwise, why bother?

Speaking of Linda, some of the dryer fibers went off to her house for a photo shoot. I give you, springtime in a basket.
Red Hot Love:

Wood Violet:

Electric Daffodil:

and , hmm, I don't know yet. Any thoughts?