Well, I didn't exactly make it. In fact, not only did I not get it in by my own apparently invented deadline of Wednesday (it should arrive by, well, now) but I went back and looked at some of the correspondence from Debbie and learned that she really wanted it February 23rd! Oops. But her assistant Jennifer graciously accepted it anyway. They still reserve the right to reject it if they don't like it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood...

So, now what? Well, first there was this:

Ms. Emmy has been a little crazy from neglect. Let's face it, she's always a little crazy, but she's been much more so of late. She requires a good amount of regular exercise to be a relaxed and happy dog. So, the first thing was to take her for a long run in the woods. We had alot of rain last night in the Washington area and Rock Creek was full and fast. Being a Chessie, she knew just what to do.

Common sense pretty much leaves her head when water enters the picture, so in she went. At one point, I saw a potential problem and encouraged her to get out, but she forged on ahead. And went completely under a dam(?). I had more than a few seconds of holding my breath and looking around anxiously. Being a Chessie, she handled it. I will say she didn't exactly bound up the bank, though. She's sleeping at her command post now, after a bracing experince with a hose and some baby shampoo.

Next this:

What is this exactly? ......

Bummer, being the technical wizard that I am, I can't seem to figure out how to add the button from the knitalong. We Call them Pirates is the name of my first knitalong. Go check it out. Those who know me well will instantly understand. Avast, ye lubbers! Arr! Look for me progress right here!

Stay tuned, there's more. I'll sign off with the obligatory kitty picture

A pair of pirate felines all ready for pillage and plunder! Or at least a snuggly winter's nap on the bed.