Monday again

So many things to tell you. I didn't mean to be gone so long. I meant last Monday to do a nice post on mindfulness, a subject i learned a few things about and thought a great deal about at and after the Psychotherapy Networker conference I attanded last weekend. Then I very eunmindfully got sucked into the void that is my life and spent most of my time freaking out about the things I wasn't doing. Oh well, the good news is that we usually do get a new week to start all over again.

Last week, I did re-skein some of the yarn I had dyed.

To back up even further, Gryphon, and I got together and ordered a bunch of un-dyed yarn from Henry's Attic. Wow, they have an astonishing amount of lovely yarns for dying at fairly reasonable prices. So, the idea, as a step toward starting a yarn company, is to dye and market hand-dyed yarns. Which, I have to say are all the rage right now. Hopefully, today I'll have these up on my Etsy Shop. Last week, I showed you Electric Daffodil in my big fat bulky yarn. Here it is in a yummy dk-weight merino. Perfect for sweaters, hats, thicker socks, baby clothes. I think I'll call it Dragonfly DK. Nothing quite like thinking out loud, eh?

And, in Dragonfly Skinny Sock.

My friend Kerstin's older daughter named this colorway Blue Dolphin, presented here in Dragonfly DK.

Dragonfly DK in the Duck Sunset colorway.

Wood Violet colorway. In Dragonfly DK

and wool roving, a lovely soft blend from the western states.

And finally, a colorway near and dear to those of us Wahoos (not to be confused with Yahoos:) who graduated from Virginia. I couldn't resist! I shall hereby dub it, "Wahoowa!" In Skinny Sock

and handspun, thick and thin singles, bulky weight. Perfect for that funky knitted hat at late season football games back in the Hook (Charlottesville, VA for the uninitiated). This yarn took the colors beautifully.

All to be purchased (very soon) at my shop.

Also for purchase, in a different venue, are these felted bags. I have relationship with Maria Peck, owner of Tiara Day, new shop here in Kensington. It's a lovely little store, in a great space. She sells vintage womens' clothes and accessories, as well as home decorating items. Reminds me of some of the stores I've seen in New England and on Long Island. I have a consignment contract with her to sell bags and knitted hats.

Do you recognize Wood Violet and Electric Daffodil? This yarn will make the next bag, I'm thinking stripes.