Two thoughts

First, Go VCU! I've been to graduate school a few times. The last time I earned my Masters in Social Work from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth Univ). VCU is in Richmond, which is two hours from where I was and still live and I attended all classes at a satellite site in Northern Virginia. To be honest, I really only went to the actual school twice and once was for graduation. But I have to claim them tonight. And I'm not even a basketball fan. Not only did they slay the dragon that is Duke (the commentator reported that "Duke has not lost in the first of round of the NCAA in centuries" - probably not true, but a great quote anyway), and in the first round of the NCAA, but they did it by two points in the last 30 or so seconds of the game. Now, if only I knew what the team mascot was. Go, tigers? Go, state senators? Go, black and gold machine? Talk about a fair weather fan!

Next, I had the most wonderful day today. I'm attending a four day social workey conference called the Psychotherapy Networker (and volunteer all four days so I can go for free). Gotta get those Continuing Ed Credits to keep the license current. The first day is Creativity Day, and they do alll day workshops on cool things like dancing, drwaing on the Right side of the Brain, and stuff like that. They don't have one for knitting (hmmm...) yet, so signed up for the Joy Of Singing, with Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock. Wow! She taught us about African American music starting with African chants and going all the way to protest songs. She taught us a ton of songs, divided us up to sing rounds, and eventually to sing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. And then, when she got us to sound like a real choir, she'd jump in groove off of us. It has been an amazing experience. I keep saying to Jack, "we got to sing with a member of Sweet Honey in the Rock" and "it was really cool, you know?" And if I don't get a satisfactorily, enthusiastice response, I start all over again. It was so cool, you know?