Back to Normal?

Easter celebrations
It was cold but we enjoyed our Easter egg hunt. Memommie kept trying to steal the eggs from the kids' baskets so she could re-hide them; unfortunately, they saw her coming a mile away. Here is the boy alien in his dress up shirt, showing off his haul.

We also paid our bi-annual visit to church. Who knew I would have such an appropriate Easter Bonnet? If it weren't for the hat and scarves, we would looklike the Addams family celebrating Easter.

Our county is fairly Catholic, so we also get Easter Monday off (or at least the kids do!) The usually lovely husband is travelling, so the kids and I had friends over to help us eat all the extra Esater food. After all, when you go to the trouble of putting on a tablecloth, why just use it once?
Actual knitting content
Last summer, I fell in love with many of the lacy concoctions in VK. I chose Nicky Epstein's design, because I wouldn't have to buy custom-made undergarments to wear it. And I loved the layers and the pink and brown together.
I started knitting it in August on vacation and then put it aside in September for other projects. This is a most unusual behavior for me; while I may be disorganized and, well, downright chaotic, I am a finisher. It may be that I acknowledged, for the first time since I began this crazy, crafty adventure, that knitting for Christmas might need to begin before December 24th. Or, perhaps it has something to do with competition from my very first spinning wheel. Or maybe, I should have taken a longer vacation.
No matter. For the super luxurious Karabella yarn used by Epstein, I substituted Cascade Sierra in Jasmine, a lovely pale but not yucky pastel pink for the main yarn and Elsbeth Lavold's Hempathy in Chocolate, held double, for the ribbing. I bought these in a lovely little knitting shop in Bethany Beach, Delaware called Sea Needles, owned by the nicest, most mellow knitter.
I was fascinated by Cascade Sierra but couldn't find it anywhere "live". A cotton/wool blend, it's as yummy as I knew it would be. Alot like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, but the colors are much better. And the hemp yarn feels great going through your fingers. Perhaps it's time to try spinning it?
Anyway, I'd finished the back and half the front, and here it is, spring again.
I'm planning to knit three-quarter length sleeves in the main yarn with two inches of the twisted rib in Hempathy. I'm adding a very simple yarn over pattern shortly after switching to the main yarn to continue the lace theme but not (hopefully) go overboard. While I wish I'd added some waist shaping, the looser fit will work better with the modified drop shoulder sleeve. Wish me luck on finshing quickly as I've some design projects coming down the pike (actual ones and ones I'm hoping for) and it's just too pretty not miss wearing this spring!
And finally, I signed up for Sockapalooza 4. My first! Now, if I could only figure out how to get her adorable button on my sidebar. Anyone?