Snowball fights on Easter Eve?

My friend Mary's sister says that it's not spring until it snows on the robins. For the last week or two the robins have been busy, so now, spring can come.
And this spring, we have snow on the cherry trees. So beautiful.

My mom, visiting from New Orleans, is thrilled. It only snows there about every ten years, and certainly not in April. So, we had the First Annual Easter Eve Snowball Fight and Egg Dyeing Fest.
Beautiful eggs were decorated and dyed. Of course, what self-respecting fiber freak would toss left-over egg dye? Not this one. To Memommie's great dismay, the girlie and I did some Easter Egg sock yarn. Pictures another day.
I know I promised pictures of the sweater I am knitting. I shall do so as soon as Easter is over, as I am at a difficult point and need to figure a few things out.
Emmy says, "All those pre-Easter activities have have plum wore me out!"