Strings and sticks

When I was casting around for a name for this business-to-be, one of the many that I came up with was "Two sticks and a string". Unfortunately, like many that I liked, it was taken; I was struck, however, by the similarity between knitting terminology and that of my other great love: tennis. The racquet is often called a "stick" and, of course, we would not get too far without strings:)

I started playing tennis two years ago in a parent-child group lesson with my daughter. Jack and I were looking for a sport the girlie and I could start together and tennis seemed like good idea. I was scared, becasue I'd never felt good at it as a kid and had some bad memories of being intimidated by the people and places involved in the game. I chose to express my ambivalence about the whole thing by wrapping duct tape around my coming-apart tennis shoes and (this is a specialty of mine) showing up late.

Luckily, we had a great start with funny, encouraging coach and had a great time. The girl child and I soon gained a new sense of confidence in tennis and in life. I feel head over heels in love with the game and began watching tennis on television, going to matches, and reading everything I could. I even dargged my friends into it and most of my stitch and bitch buddies at least picked up a racquet once and many of them are still playing. My daughter and I continued to take lessons and this fall I started playing in a league. She still enjoys hitting the little yellow ball, but enjoys many other sports.

So, I'm at the bottom of the barrel, but having a great time playing with this team. I have a wonderful captain, Kathy, who is also a great coach (and she wants to learn to knit!) and my buddy Kerstin is on the team too (except she's on the injured list right now with a sprained shoulder). This season, I had been clobbered a few times and sprained an ankle (a not uncommon occurrence). This past Sunday, however, I played with a fabulous partner, Beverly, who inspired me to play well and we won! But that is not the best part. Not surprisingly, she turned out to be a passionate knitter! And after discussing the glories of knitting, I showed her and Kathy some of my newly hand-dyed yarn (like a security blanket, I seem to take it everywhere) and she bought some!

This is Dragonfly DK in the Bell Botton Blues colorway. She even said it was underpriced! You can imagine I was grinning all over the place. A good afternoon all around. We all three agreed that Sticks and Strings would be a terrific name for the team. Nothing like a good old fashioned double entendre.