A few random thoughts. First, it's fabulous spring break. The offspring and I have been spending as much time as possible enjoying the actual spring weather. I'm not sure what his dudeness is doing there - probably has become Accelerate, or something. He did spend a lot of his time running back and forth in the house.


My mom, or Memommie, depending on who you ask, is coming to see us tomorrow. Despite the fact that the temperature will be in the 30's (how sad is that!), we will take the subway down to meet her at the airport and then go the Mall to view Cherry blossoms and perhaps dinosaur bones. It would be nice to see some art, but that may be too much to ask. I have already warned her that we have been having too much fun to clean the house. Luckily, she knows I am a slovenly housekeeper (recently, when the girlie asked me what "standards" were, I used it in a sentence: "My standards are low for house cleaning." She laughed appreciatively).

Next, here is the next bag I have completed for sale at Tiara Day. It needed a little something, so we went to G Street Fabrics and the kids helped me pick out a lovely ribbon to put through the top. I have to say, they have very good taste and they were even helpful, putting things back and everything. If I didn't have to seperate them on the way home and threaten to stop and throw them out a few times, I might be thinking I could get used to this. They were even well-behaved on our lunch date with our very dear friends Maggie and Sharan (of course, they did get to eat shrimp and nachos)

I have been knitting something for me. Very uncharacteristically, I started it in August and then put it away for a while. It is from last summer's Vogue Knitting and I will show it to you next time. I hope to finish it before I need to start my sweater for the next SnB book (I need to start soon, as it will take me a while!) I also hoping to submit a few things for the next Knitty. Only ideas in my head at this point, however.

Here are the yarns I dyed last week:

Duckweed in Dragonfly DK and in Skinny Sock (I affectionately think of this as "Pondscum", 'cause that's what Duckweed looks like from far away)

Pink Chocolate in Skinny Sock (above) and domestic wool roving. This is what you get when you discover that you have once again put too much dye on and then squeeze the excess back out again - or when your strawberry ice cream gets mixed with chocolate sauce.

Electric Daffodil in extra fine Merino roving. Very beautiful, luminous in fact. For my mother in law, who really loves those spring bulbs.

Delta Blues (almost the same as Blue Jeans, which was an end of the day throw everything in it and, therefore, unduplicatable colorway)

and hmmm, Dragonfly? both in domestic wool roving.

Bell Bottom Blues (appears darker than it really is) and

Blue Dolphin in Skinny Sock. Hurray for Linda, patient photographer extraordinaire (and her husband Mike, who we often call for assistance when it comes to having all these electronics speak with each other)!

And here's to being tired at the end of a long day in the sunshine and fresh air.