Yarn Ball Boogie

My dear friend Maggie gave me a ball winder. I was so excited that opened it right in the restaurant where we were having dinner, attached it to the table, and attempted to wind some yarn I had in my knitting bag. I then, as I often do, learned all the things you are not supposed to do and decided that my quiet basement "studio" would be the best place to try this - on a good night's sleep and after the kids went to school. Yay, it worked. Behold Linda the patient and kind photographer's first sock project. This sock yarn was dip-dyed while I was pot-dyeing some roving for Etsy customer Lauren.

Different, aren't they?

I dyed two new colorways:

this one is in South American merino-like wool locally called "Punta", Dragonfly DK, and in a lovely supersoft Merino laceweight (Dragonfly Lace yarn, of course). Name?

and Dragonfly colorway in SkinnySock, DK, and Lace yarn. Shall we have another look at that laceweight?