Fiber Fest Fun

I finished work at the hospital at 10 pm on Friday night and drove to Gryphon's in Easton. At 5:00 we arose, drank some very strong coffee, and set off for the adorable town of Snow Hill and their Fiber Fest. Now in its 4th year, the Fest is very well hosted by the director and staff of the Julia Purnell museum (as you may have guessed).

Sara, Gryphon and I set up a booth, using Gryphon's equipment. We had a great day, spinning and meeting interesting people. Including jim and Mary Ann Wandell, president of the Delmarva Fiber Guild. Two of the nicest people I've met. They used to have a fiber business and were wonderful mentors. I ordered one of Jim's gorgeous spindles.

Lia held forth in her usual cheerful way and made spinning even more irresistible than it usually is. Here she is scheduling a spinning lesson with her mom.

Sara taught kids how to use the Pinkie wheel. This wheel is a super lightweight Babe wheel down-sized for small people.

I spun on my Babe Production wheel, purchased from Gryphon this winter. Light weight, easy to adjust, ultra simple and spins like a dream. Also endlessly fascinating to the male companions of Fiber Fest visitors. Nothing quite like the sight of PVC to get the adrenaline going:)

I had chosen, as the day's spinning project some roving I'd bought from the Lee's at Sheep Shed Studio. They call it "Punta" because it's from the Punta Region in South America. Carol Lee says it reminds her of merino. I wouldn't say that, but it is soft and very easy to spin. And it does take color well. This roving is a Day's End special, you know as in, I dyed it with what I had left at the end of the day.
I was very pleased with the way it turned out, very Noro-esque. Have i mentioned that I am a huge fan of Noro yarns? It's the colors, you see. And the long repeats and the way wool must have been dyed before it was spun. Anyway, i'll show you more later.
We all decided that the colors were so strong and noce that the yarn would be best navajo plied. Not a technique I've become skilled at. So, I asked Sara to demonstrate for me and then I practiced.

(Sorry about the lousy image.)
It was a great day. Gryphon and Sara had packed the night before, so my car wasn't needed and I was able to ride and knit. The heavens opened with a massive thunderstorm right as I was driving onto the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, making the way home more than interesting. Luckily, I had Popeye's to look forward to at home.

Sunday, I woke to the best Mother's Day ever. The kids made gorgeous cards, the usually lovely husband cleaned most of the house, and I enjoyed breakfast in bed. They even planted some flowers for me. After walking the dog, it was Soccer Sunday as usual. Here's the boy child in action with the Green Machine:

and the Gold Panthers, a team I've had the honor to co-coach with Ian (pictured) and Dave.

pictured here with his own awesome Panther.

Finally, the girlie receiving medal with wet hair from pouring her drinking water on her head. Trust me, it's a ritual among all kid athletic teams.