Sick Day

You know the drill. Your child says he's sick, you find out what's wrong, help him feel better, and keep him home. When he's better, you send him back to school, right?

Or, you can try it my way. Your son reports he's had to throw up in his hand when he goes to bed. You tell him he's swallowed too much pool water and to wash his hands. The next morning, he says he doesn't feel right and that his body parts hurt. You dose him with Tylenol and email the teacher that he's staying home. then, you notice he seems to be much better while you are walking the dog, so you ask him if he wants to go to school (it's field day after all and you have to go to work for 2). He agrees, you take him, and then go on about your day. Later, your husband tell you that he came home right at the end of the day with a 103+ temperature. Nice work, Mom! Not only is the child unduly stressed, but you've managed to infect the entire Kindergarden at school.

We're trying this again today. For entertainment, the boy alien has decided to pull out his loose tooth. Now, he looks like he has one, right in the middle. Charming, eh?

Now for some knitting content. I haven't been blogging, but I have been knitting.

Pattern: Nicky Epstein's U-Neck top from VK Summer '06
Yarn: 6 skeins Cascade Sierra in Jasmine, 2 skeins Hempathy in Chocolate (held double)
Needles: Size 3 (I'm a loose woman, and knitter too)
Modifications: I hated the cap sleeves, so added fairly long sleeves. I would have done 3/4 length, but I thought longer ones would be more functional in the freezing cold hospital where i work. I probably won't add the robbon at the waist and at the nech, unless the neck feels too open to me. Necks have to be just right. Can't be too high (unflattering) or too low (too much boob showing-I'm self-conscious). While i like the little flowers she added at neck and hip, it's too fussy for me 9 to make and too wear). I could totally see adding those to a plain but well-shaped white t-shirt. can't you?

The girl mermaid has an instrumental music concert at the school next week, assuming we can get her out of the pool long enought to play. Perhaps I can get a picture of the sweater on me then. I'll probably have to get a friend to take it though. Has a better chance of not making me look like the blob from the Audubon Park Lagoon that way.

I really may be the last person to do this meme. What is a meme any way? Here are the rules:
Every person who gets tagged is to list seven things about themselves. They are to write on their own blog those seven things and then list the rules. You also need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog as well as leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged. (I think everyone has been tagged already, so I'll tag no one. Too many bad chain letter memories. Will I really go to Hell for breaking the chain?) Thanks to Jamisyn of the lovely spinning for tagging me a while back!
1. I'm from New Orleans, in an ancestral sort of way and am fiercely attached to the city. I was devastated after Katrina and am still struggling in its aftermath (and I don't even live there any more).

Note the boat on top of the car.

The two images I don't seem to have are the refrigerators that were still in front of everyone's house in December (when we went back for Christmas) and the marks on the doors and windows signifying what the various National Guard units found as they went door to door looking for survivors. I know I'm a Drama Queen but these things still move me.

2. I love my dog at least as much as my amazing children. She's a rescue Chesapeake Bay retriever mix and epitoizes the best and worst of dogs. She's so loving and loyal and snuggly and sweet in the house and she's put maybe 5 dogs in the emergency vet with serious injuries. She chases trucks with a passion and was hit by one once. Hasn't stopped her at all.

You've seen plenty of pictures of her.

3. I was a sorority girl. Alpha Omicron Pi at University of Virginia to be exact. No pictures allowed.

4. I work as a psychiatric social worker in a hospital emergency room. And I love it! I'll never forget the first time someone got really loud with me; I was instantly surrounded by 7 or 8 ER staff. It was the most secure feeling. I'm a weenie, so i backed out slowly and got the heck out of there.

5. I'm stubborn and I HATE to be bossed. I have no qualms about bossing you, though.

6. I was a vegetarian for 14 years. Actually a fishatarian. I just recently fell from grace. I've always loved meat too much. I feel guilty about it and I deal with that by buying free range chicken and keeping the meat to a minimum.

7. I live to go to the beach. I don't like cold water (too much of an aging Southern girl for that!) but if the water's warm enough, I'll stay in forever. My children are both merpeople, although the girlie doesn't like waves.

This picture says it all for me. I have to end this post on it.