I mentioned I've been spinning. This is 520 yds of sockweight yarn, spun from a merino-tencel roving I purchased from Cloverhill Yarn Shop at MDSW. It was dyed by the famous Erin of Mama-E's C*EYE*BER Fiber Warehouse. Loveley stuff, very soft. A bit slippery, though. I found myself wondering what it would be like to spin in a bit damp. I'm planning to knit this yarn into my inaugural pair of socks. I must admit, I'm not a total sock virgin, but I have never completed an entire pair. And i feel that I should knit at least one pair before making socks for someone else. Namely my secret palooza
I'm thinking Jaywalkers from Grumperina. In fact, it would be good paractice, as that is what my secret pal is requesting.

***We interrupt this "regularly" sheduled programming to bring you this newsflash***
Further evidence of my complete lack of brain. As you may remember, last week I did some kettle dyeing for a project I hope to submit. At the last minute, I decided to dye some gray roving I had hanging around, inspired by some dye work Gryphon had done. being last minute, I didn't have enough dye left in the pot, so I put the roving in a bucket with water and left it outside. Now, a week later, I noticed it on the deck and decided it was high time I dealt with it.

I set the pot to boil and came upstairs to blog. Much, much later, i remembered it. The pot is happily boiling away, the roving sitting on the deck. I spring into action! Dream up a color (I part periwinkle, 1 1/2 parts acid green-love that acid green!) and throw it in the pot. remeber to go back and cover the jars. Run out and try to wring out the roving, which now has a faintly musty smell. throw it in the pot and with great gusto, stir it up with a wooden spoon. Ow! Oh, yeah.. Boiling water burns! And when it has dye in it, it goes all over you and your kitchen. I am know sporting my very first fiber injury - small burns under my eye and under my shirt. No worries, it's not too bad. But it does sting. I'll be right back! (I forgot to add the vinegar:).**

Last night, the usually lovely husband and I were discussing my day. "It must be nice to be you" is his comment after learning that I'd had a tennis work out, eaten an early lunch with friends, and then retired to my lair to blend fiber and watch the French Open. Apparently, we are not including the latter half of the day when my son, recovering from a long week of illness, went to his first Dive practice and, after looking forward to it forever, melted down on the board and refused to go off, citing "water in my eye" as his complaint. It was a bad mommy moment as I'd realized that we'd been late, he had low blood sugar as he'd not snacked as he usually does after school, and I'd forgotten our food in the car.

After sprinting to the car to save the day with a bit of turkey to get him going again, I realized I'd actually left the food at home! After accosting another mom in the parking lot and begging her to cover for me, I ran home to get the food. I was halfway there when I realized that I didn't just have my kids at the pool, but I had a few extras as well, all of whom would be ending practice while I was gallivanting around the neighborhood, trying to find dinner (and my head, apparently). The good news is that Jack had arrived at the pool while I was gone, the extra children hadn't noticed I was gone , and I beat Maripat, their mother, back to the pool. Luckily, she has a good sense of humor.

When I proudly showed Jack the fruit of my labors, he reponded that it looked like astroturf. He may be right.

Hopefully, it will look less astroturfy after it is spun.

And finally, I bring you pictures from the super luxury Girl Scout Campout. We held it this year in the "yard" of our troop leader, who'd moved out to howard County earlier this year in search of some land. Seven and a half acres of woods, in fact, Including a lovely firepit, hand built by Mr. Troop Leader. This turned out to be serendipitous when it rain ed the next morning. Twister anyone?

The smores and ghost stories rocked the house!