Checking in from Vacationland

I'm back from last week's blog holiday with plenty to share, but no pictures. My camera is still dead and I know it's my duty as a knitblogger to have pictures to share my foolishness in fiber. Unfortunately, time and money are getting in between my performing my duty as a fully functioning knitblogger. Apologies.

We had a bang up time in Wrightsville Beach with our very good friend Maggie and many other old and new friends. Maggie owns a tenth of the house - not a time share, she assures me, and one would have to be more legally astute than I to understand the difference and has access to it 5 weeks in a year. It was an honor and a pleasure to be invited to share her summer week with her. I've actually been going with her since before I met my husband, maybe for 16 years.

You shall have to use your imagination here to picture Maggie, and Cindy and Ellen, best friends since their Vassar days, now in the early 60's and going around together and giggling as if they're still kids. And Betsy, Maggie's best pal from the free and easy post-college days up to now. Actually, Ellen is Betsy's older sister. And Katherine and Richard, Betsy's beautiful teenagers and their pals Michelle and Ryan. After my two got over their fear of "the teenagers", they became permanently attached. Of course, the sparklers, and water ballooon fights, and smores may have helped. Katherine, the ring leader in these activities, will make a wonderful teacher.

There were two houses, by the way, right next door to each other, and it's a good thing, too, because a third sister Barbara drove down from Vermont with her lovely husband Ron and they brought two friends who stayed for a day. And finally, Kenny, Betsy's brother in law, flew down from Brooklyn. Kenny, never married, had some difficulty with my reference to how well my loveley husband has been trained:) Sometimes, you just have to be there:)

Of course, my two kids had a fabulous time; in fact, the mermaid ventured out beyond the breakers for the first time and really enjoyed the waves. The merman spent much of his time in the breakers, when he wasn't doing karate moves with the shovel or catching small fish with his bare hands (we eventually got him a net). The highlight of their trip, however, seems to have been the fishing they did with their dad. And, no, I don't think it unreasonable for a dad to get up before 6 am on Father's Day, fix his own coffee and take his two kids down to the fishing pier for several hours, and spend his morning baiting hooks, untangling lines, and taking fish off the hooks and throwing them back because they're all too small too eat. Especially when he gets to spend the next two days on his own little mini golf vacation, including a night alone in a hotel room, when he's not travelling for business.

My vacation highlight was the water. Gorgeous, clear, blue green water the perfect temperature. And getting to sit on the beach knitting for hours. I worked on five different knitting projects, and made quite a bit of beaded jewelry with my kids. Use your imagination again here: started (twice) the merino-tencel handspun Jaywalker, added several inches to Icarus, added a row and worked on the color chart for the kettle-dyed cardigan, and worked a swatch in Silky Wool for my Advanced SnB pattern. And, tada!, if that is not enough, I started a new sleeveless shell for me in Reynold's saucy in Black. A lacy little number.

Remember my son's tooth?

He finally lost it after taunting everyone all vacatioon long. In fact, there was even a pool to guess when it would come out. Everyone lost. You shall have to use your imagination to picture his mind-numbingly adorable two front teeth-less grin. And don't forget that endearing lisp that one is forced to use with out those two front teeth.

Well, we're off again next week for a few days in New Orleans with my family. Here's wishing to see things a bit more post-Katrina.