She's gotta have it

Perhaps a more apt title would be "Mama got a brand new toy". Sometimes you just have to celebrate your birthday early. My very lovely Jack, knowing what a technophobe I am, made me start the research on a new camera and then came in and helped me understand the terms. He still maintains that the old camera took lovely pictures; it was me that hadn't bothered to learn to use the camera. That may be somewhat true, but I can assure you that my old camera could not do this:

Do you see that bee on the Echinacea? I've been trying to take pictures of bugs for years; who knew it wasn't possible with the tools I had available? Nice color inspiration, too. Hopefully I'll be back in my "dye studio" (or "kitchen" as the rest of the family prefers to call it) by mid-July.

Then after we agreed on the camera - I needed an SLR to take pictures of soccer, and swinmming, and diving, you know, important stuff like that. And let's not forget, very small energetic creatures at play:

Here be the boy child and his favorite playmate, Christy the Jack Russell puppy. Adorable creatures, Jack puppies. Don't worry, I'm not that crazy. She lives a few houses down and both of my children spend inordinate amounts of time on her front yard paying with her and talking to John, her adult.
The other requirement was that the new camera take beautiful pictures of yarn.

My Jaywalker in my handspun merino-tencel.

My Dragonfly DK in the Dragonfly colorway and kettle-dyed in Woodviolet. For that stranded project I mentioned. It's lovely knitting yarn, too. So soft, a nice structure too it. It should be able to handle cables and embossed patterns well.

A lace knitted tank of my own design in Reynolds Saucy. If it works, I'll let you know.

The camera seems to work pretty well with roving too. Soon I'll take pictures of these rovings and put them on Etsy.
Did I mention the camera takes lovely shots of the kids?