Shop Update!

Do come by the shop. We have six new rovings, two new colors of sock yarn, and one loveley, soft, squishy lace yarn added to the shop.

As we are into the last week of swim and dive, life is its usual flurry of activities. There has been time for poolside knitting.

This sock is a Jaywalker for my Sockapalooza pal, knit in my own Squishy Sock Yarn in the Tangled Up in Blue colorway. I've been waiting for a color pretty enough to name after my favorite Bob Dylan song, and this is it. I'm in love. And it's a good thing, too, because I decided not to re-consult the pattern before knitting this much and have a grave knit pattern error. Some crazy jaywalking going on! Now, I have a sock with the correct knit pattern that is just about this size, after a several MORE hours of knitting.

And what have we here?

Sock number one in my own handspun. It's looking very Trekky, is it not? I certainly could have knit a taller sock, and depending on my life, i may go back and unpick the cast-on and do just that.

Oh, and it couldn't a be a summer post without these: