Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Gryphon, Lia, Sarah, and I spent 10 hours in the boiling heat on Saturday at the Irish Festival in Alexandria. Luckily, Gryphon brought a fan (thank you:). All we had to do was plug it in...

on the lamp post! Good thing Gryphon hasn't forgotten how to shimmy up a pole (I'm not sure I ever developed that skill).

Of course, she brought her assistant, seen here fingering some Dragonfly yarn.

We had a fabulous spot with a breeze, as it where, from the Potomac. Sarah spun up some stunning merino/bamboo fiber. Looked and felt alot like silk. Check out this customer's socks: very cool.

It was not a particularly profitable day, but did at least sell enough to cover the cost of the booth. The music was enjoyable, the Irish Soda bread delicious, and the company lively, as always.

There was even a visit to Springwater Fiber Workshop just before closing. I shall have to show you purchases after the camera returns to me (it's currently fishing with the lovely Jack and our merchildren in the Chesapeake Bay). Gryphon stocked up on Lace Addi's and Sarah CLEANED OUT their stash of un-dyed silk hankies. Can't wait to see what she does with them.