***Warning: Whine Alert***

Last week, we returned from a nice camping and visiting the grandparents mini-vacation. Monday, in love with my own pictures as usual, I started this post by uploading some pics I thought were worthy. My plan was to blog, maybe do some laundry and spend the rest of the week lounging about by the pool, eating bon bons, watching my children cavort happily, and (of course) knitting my fool head off. Somehow, the combination of cool rainy weather and life in general conspired to make it one of the worst weeks in recent memories. I can't remember a time when my kids (and I) have acted worse and i've been so unprepared to deal with it.

This week, school started and the kids are happily off to their new lives. It's a big year for both; girlie is in 5th grade and ready to spread her wings while checking in with her mommie more than ever before and the seet boy in in 1st grade. Such a lovely age on both accounts. So, I miss them as always, but am unhappy in the fact that i'm glad it's over. I feel robbed. Of a good end to a busy summer.

So, here I am, a week later, attempting to put words to pictures of events that I can barely remember through the veil of unhappiness. We camped at Cape Henlopen, at the Delaware shore right near the beach town in which my in-laws have made their new home. The weather was good, if hot and our site was beautiful.

The boy spent a lot of time in a tree.

Lovely Lewes was the nearest town. I never made it in the yarn shop, which is situated inside an antique store.

The girl loved the fires, and spent much of her time "tending" them, covered in soot.

We christened Grammy and Poppy's new house by eating crabs in the driveway. Brought back some long-buried childhhod memories of eating crabs in the back yard overlooking the water. One of the better features of the Hampton Roads area.
Cheers! And here's to a new school year. It promises highs and lows; I hope to enjoy the roller coaster.