New Jersey Sheep and Wool Party

The plan was to meet at Gryphon's house about 10:30, load up and get there in plenty of time to set up. Our reality involved Kate arriving at Gryphon's after noon, playing dress up with my beautiful new kilt and various renn accessories, loading up, and leaving by 2:00. Just in time to hit rush hour in Philly, take a few wrong turns, and start setting up in the dark.

Of course, the Sanguine Gryphon booth was the prettiest one there, all decked out in her medieval glory.

We even had a medieval baby. This picture was taken in the morning. See how she looks a little dirty? You don't even want to know how much of the barn we had in our hotel room that night. Of course, some of it came courtesy a strong blustery wind that blew dirt and hay into my eyes, our stock and pretty much everything else all day long.

Our lovely pirate maiden bid us beware "roving fiber bandits".

Sarah got to snuggle the livestock. She is here holding a Babydoll Southdown sheep (her favorite). It surprises me that she didn't manage to lure it into her truck and take it home. We were placed in the barn with most of the fiber animals; that may have been the best part. I seriously considered stealing the Dwarf Cheviots and the Shetlands. They were after all right across the aisle from us.

I may have fallen down in the fleece dept.

We met many great people, listened to some bad music, listened to some good music, enjoyed baby giggles and great conversation, petted llama, yak, and bunnies (I came close to adopting a new kind of pet), knitted and spun a bit. And then, there were the porcupines.