T minus 3 days, but who's counting?

We're going to The Show! Finally hitting the bigtime, well, at least my version of the bigtime, Gryphon, Sarah, and I are heading down the road to peddle our wares at the New Jersey Sheep and Wool Fest. Together we form a cooperative collective; our booth takes its name and its medieval theme from Gryphon's business The Sanguine Gryphon. So look for a rampant gryphon and come back in time with us for a bit. We'll be having a children's story hour twice a day and, of course, some rockin' gorgeous yarns.

While the medieval theme may be a bit of a departure for me, it does give me the chance to play dress up. I'll admit wasn't overly enthusiastic initially, imagining voluminous skirts and, well, alot of breasts. But when Gryphon said, "Would you wear a kilt?", the possibilities became intriguing.

I now find myself with three days to skein and tag yarns, make batts, and sew a kilt. Oh, and did I mention the little monsters will be home ALL DAY on Thursday? Stay tuned.