Still Here, Redux

Last night, I wrote a long, fairly charming post about what I've been up to lately, fiber- and otherwise. Everything was ready to go but the pictures, which I did not have access to,, as I was blogging from a secret remote location. Then, Blogger ate it. Tonight, you get the pictures without the charm. Presenting, the soccer ball that swallowed my life,

along with his friend, School Store (note extremely cool inventory item)

and Book Fair. No pictures from book fair; too busy. The good news on book fair is that I ran it with three lovely, amazing women (who really did a most of the work) and it's already over. And it was quite successful. The bad news is that I forgot how much work it was and kept my regular work schedule plus a little extra because we had a a few extra crises this week. Needless to say, I'm still a bit wiped out.
I share the coaching, with some great dads, of my daughter's soccer team. They're terrific, and it's neat to actually have some involvement in helping girls grow up. In fact, I keep reminding myself that this is what all of these things are about; helping my beautiful children find their way in this world.
Lots of stuff continues to happen in our house (in fact, it dawns on me that I forgot to show up to volunteer in my boy's class. Big oops!) And then there is knitting, spinning, and dyeing.

Here is the boy child modelling his new hat made from hand-processed and very loosely spun Pinhead fleece (White Romney) and a gorgeous silver brown Romney X fleece. Any body else thinkin' Dad needs a new hat too?

We're leaving the ends out, as boy likes the "rasta" look. Mayne we'll do that for the other two generations, too.
This is handspun merino in Crisp Fall Apples. Doesn't it just make you want to take a bite?

We'll have to talk about this picture another day. She does look happy, doesn't she?