Almost Done

Once upon a time, there was a Fairy Godmother named Sharan. During a time of devastating professional blows and difficult toddlers, she said, "I believe in you." And gave me a very good job. For about a year and a half, through pregnancy, difficult childbirth, and a new baby, I worked for her as her Associate Director. Getting to see her evryday was a true blessing.

When I went to her nine months after the boy child was born and said I needed to quit to home and be with my babies, she said, "I'll miss you, but it's the right thing for you and your babies and I support you wholeheartedly." She was right, of course.

Eventually, her own lovely daughter got married and has now had a baby of her own. After borrowing everyone elses babies for many years, Sharan finally has a grand child of her own. His name is Dylan and he is so beautiful.

I have nearly finished his baby sweater, knitted in Dragonfly Fiber Designs Dragonfly Twist yarn in Bell Bottom Blues.

Nothing left but the second button band. I see Sharan for coffee tomorrow morning. Off to buy buttons now.