She knits!

Well, it would appear that I'm recovering nicely from SAFF and halloween and other non-wool adventures i haven't even told you about. Did i mention the two day girl scout camping trip? Great knitting opportunity by the way.

And I got way more sleep than did Molly, our fearless leader. I went along as the First Aider and more than one leader looked at me as if i was either nuts or a bad Girl scout leader (or both). I found myself blurting out, "I'm not a girl scout leader, I'm just the first aider, perhaps too frequently. The worst look I got was when I asked 'What's a "bivy"?' Turned out Molly didn't know either. Probably no one else knew either, but they weren't going to admit it. Give up? The camp director's personal word for "potty"; the stinky kind, otherwise known as a latrine.

I went out into the woods with 7 ten year old girls without my camera. I took alot of "pictures in my head", though. Like of my shy, not very adventurous daughter flying through the air on the zip slide. The fabulous leader, Christina, maybe just out of college, who took the girls through the challenge course and who was so nurturing and inspiring and lovely all at the same time. (I seriously considered asking her if she babysits:) The whole troop sitting all over each other like a litter of puppies after a long night and a busy, adventurous day full of team-building activities. And, of course, Molly's wonderful striped wool hat, that she had enough sense to wear to bed.

Did I mention it was cold? I, queen of the knitted wool things, did not think to bring a hat. But I brought shorts and plenty of tee shirts. I suppose I ought to mention that I packed for this camping trip in 15 minutes, after sending my sweet cat off to the land of catnip and tunafish, and flying over to Gryphon's on the eastern Shore and back (to pick up yarn I'd ordered to dye for SAFF but didn't really have time to dye. )

Anway, all of this to say that I've been seriously contemplating changesI can make to my life. So I can feel more sane. The lovely Jack has told me "no more dyeing, no more fiber events, you need to spend some time with us now". Simplifying should be easier; I even quit my tennis team. But my captain, the very wonderful Kathy, responded so sweetly and encouragingly, that I decided I could at least finish out the season.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting. Christmas presents, even. A pattern of my own reckoning in Jessie's Panda sock yarn. Merino, bamboo, and nylon; hand-dyed by Jessie. Gorgeous, yes?

This beautiful piece of knitting is a man sock. I only have one skein and now, that I'm knitting it, I have no idea how far it will go. Somehow I think heels and toes in another yarn will not provide the look I seem to be going for. Stay tuned!

I have also been spinning. This beauty is a Kokovoko spindle purchased at SAFF. The wood has some wonderful name that I can't remember, but it's maple that has aged (begun to rot, actually) giving it those beautiful markings. Tiger maple? Sounds good to me. The fiber is my hand-painted merino top. All turquoise and browns, the colorway is called Robin's Egg.

And I have been knitting some more. This baby sweater is actually a little farther along since a I took this picture, thanks to an exceptionall quiet night at work this week. I know I shall pay for that later, as that is the way these things go.

It is a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern in my Dragonfly Worsted yarn, colorway: Bell Bottom Blues.

Before there was knitting, for me, there was sewing. Which I did with the same enthusiasm as knitting, spinning, gardening, tennis, get the idea. I'm not obsessed, I'm enthusiastic. I still pull my sewing machine out, and lately I've been missing sewing. May have something to do with the fact that it was broken in an incident between my lovely husband and my lovely dog. He says it was her fault; she of course blames him. Very suspicious, I say.
Anyway, i broke down and bought an Amy Butler pattern here. Haven't heard of her? Check her out. So, I'm sewing a tiered skirt for Maggie, my intrepid "assistant", guinea pig, and all around great friend. We picked this fabric out several years ago during a serious shopping spree at the fabric store. This spree was supposed to result in finished clothes for Maggie; things didn't quite work out with the seamstress. We don't need to mention that I hooked her up with said flacky seamstress, or that she is still, and will forever be, in possession of
half of Maggie's fabrics. That'll teach you to listen to me:)
Anyway, it's time for a fitting. And it's turning out beautiful (of course).

It's late. We'll have to talk about my adventures with recycled sweaters

and fleece processing

another time.

Although, do go see the shop, I've been updating.