So many things to tell you. But first, and perhaps most importantly, Happy Halloween! The lovely Jack got in touch with his creative side:

Complete with "prison tattoos". His hands gave you a choice of "LOVE" and "PAIN". I believe I've said this before but the best part about my working part-time at night is that he gets to be a very involved parent, more so than most dads who work full-time. He's ben going to craft stores with the kids and planning this extravaganza in our front yard for a month now. They've been making all kinds of decorations together, bats, ghosts, chains. very scary stuff:) Too bad we went to a Halloween party and he didn't get to sit in the front yard scaring people all night.

The party was great fun. My favorite six year old vampire Rivers staging an elaborate scene with her buddy. Her tee shirt says "I'm a good luck charm" and has a nice shamrock - a multi-holiday costume it is.

My own 9 year old vampireholds a victim in her clutches. I think her opportunity to be a patrol this year on her bus is bringing out the nurturer in her:)

You can't tell this but her buddy is a plate. And she's wearing a coat I sewed for her years ago. Anyway, a great time was had by all. The party was lovely and so fun to be with neighbors and friends and let our hair down a bit. Halloween is the best holiday of all, because other than candy, there are no big expectations, and no requirements. We can be with people we enjoy, and when it's time to splinter off and go trick or treating on our own block, we can.
I didn't dress up for Halloween. I'd been dressing up in medieval gear (my own version) all weekend the weekend before. Life has been more tghan a bit over-committed lately so I didn't get a chance to tell you beforehand, but Gryphon and I went to the Southeastern Animal fiber Festival as vendors.
The lovely medieval pirate with her beautiful baby in knitted Tudor dress.

Got sawdust?
The highlight for me was staying with the very wonderful Flor, an old friend of Gryphon's dad. She took great care of us, and I for one, needed. Between getting ready for the show with much dyeing, skeining, and driving, taking the girl scouts camping for two nights the weekend before, and saying goodbye to my sweet cat, I was more than done. The show was fun, although exhausting, and we met many great people - thank you Ravelry! My take was the same as New Jersey, with a great deal more work, but I chalk this up to experience. I figure every bit of exposure helps.

I'll be slowly updating the Etsy shop now that I'm back. Big EtsyFAST sale until November 16th in honor of our Etsy Labs trunk show. Check it out.