Yay! It's here! I'm a published designer in Debbie Stoller's fabulous Son of Stitch and Bitch. Deb's done it again with a collection of excellent and some goofy (and some things I wouldn't knit if I was begged to:) patterns for men. And the boy inside of the man. My boy is particularly entranced by "Deady Bear".

And the coolest part? Look! It's my dad's tennis sweater. Although this boy is decidedly not my dad. Nor is he wearing the tennis whites I had envisioned. Bar-hopping burgundy works for me too.

And look, it's my name. In a book! Ok, so I'm not the coolest new knitwear designer on the block. I'm still figuring things out. Unfortunately, while I told them I wanted my website included with the pattern, I didn't know to put it in my bio. Live and learn. Speaking of knitwear design, I have a pattern accepted for the next SnB book as well; hopefully we've finally figured out a yarn. It looks like we picked Cashsoft in that gorgeous poppy red. Yum!

And in other "designer" news, I just sent in my first design submission to Interweave Knits. That's right, mine and everyone else's favorite. To be honest, I don't really expect to be accepted on the first go-round. I just want to get my name in there. I hope to submit to Knitty for their next issue. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to have the item all knitted up and the pattern written and ready to go by the 1st of the year. i can dream, right?

I leave you with my latest re-do dye job. Remember Falling Leaves?

While it was a lovely color, it wasn't quite right for socks. Unless you were looking for a semi-solid that would show off a pattern well. But it wasn't selling. So, I over-dyed it with reds.
Introducing Cinnamon Spice sock yarn. A bit warmer with a bit more variegation. What do you think? I hope you are enjoying the holiday season that is now upon us.