Climbing out of the Black Hole

Something about this super secret project, maybe the gauge of 8.6 stitches to the inch or maybe the fact that it was my first design submission and I threw every little fancy trick I could think of into it (including ones I didn't know yet - shh! don't tell my editor) has caused a glitch in the space time continuum. I've been stuck in a serious feedback loop. Kind of like the knitting version of Groundhog Day. I started this right after the first of the year, and have finally finished sewing the shoulders. But there's more to be done, I'm afraid. I should stop there, but I will tell you it is not a knitted jumpsuit:)

Emmy says, "Enough with the crazy knitting already! Let's go for a swim in the frigid February waters of Rock Creek or something reasonable like that!"
This monster has been everywhere with me, including CYO basketball, starring The Boy

Mardi Gras parties in the 'hood with HOMEMADE King Cake (made by my amazing chef friend Kell, who not only cooks "with all the burners on the stove" but is just finishing up PASTRY SCHOOL. Mmmm. Very dangerous place, his house.)

where some people really got in the spirit of things, if you know what I mean

and to the coolest school fundraiser I've seen in quite a while: Hoops on the Terrace, a teacher vs. parents basketball game held in the High school gym, complete with silly cheerleading, t-shirts, popcorn, noisemakes, and the Cha-Cha Slide at half-time. The Girlie thought the best part was singing the National Anthem with the 5th grade chorus. Oh, and the game was actually good. It was kind of being high school all over again, but without the angst.

Not only have I got somewhere with the monster project, but I have some cool things to tell you. All of which, the fabulous Gryphon is behind. Speaking of her fabulousness, keep an eye out for the Spring issue of Knitty.

First, if you are in the the mood for some Eastern Shore knitty fun, come join us on Saturday at the Frivolous Fibers' sponsored Yarn Party. It's in St. Michael's and not only do you get to visit with and even buy some lovely fiber and yarn, you can meet some great local dyers and learn to knit, crochet, even dye and spin. I'll be demonstrating spinning and even (gulp) teaching drop spindling.

Next, go to the Loopy Ewe to check out our first big online wholesale opportunity. Our yarns are under Gryphon's business name, for simplicity. Mine are the non-Greek names. If you click the "0" next to the "1" at the bottom, you can see the 7 colorways that sold out in one day. Wow, that Sheri has really done a great job building up an excellent business. Someday...

In the meantime, I'll wrestle the mysterious beast away from the dog with more promises of a really good walk. Soon.