In no particular order

Newsflash! The knitting is done on the great red monster! Now, all that is left is weaving in the ends, putting in a zipper (by hand, of course), washing, blocking, writing the pattern in coherent form, writing the intro,....

As there are three more knitting prjects that are due now or yesterday, I'll keep it short and sweet.

I am crazy for Holly EQQ, or at least her loose fibers and her fabulous dye jobs. I so want to be a "batty babe". The first picture is more accurate, color-wise, but in the bottom you can really see my rather awkward navaho ply. I am love with this technique right now, so I will improve. I will, I will.

Our first order with the Loopy Ewe sold out very quickly. Yay! It is good to be the new kid, sometimes. Look for more Sanguine Gryphon yarn to come soon.

Spring is trying to come to the Washington, DC area.

I am taking an Art Yarn spinning class with the famous and fabulous, Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit at Baltimore's new yarn shop Spinster Yarns and Fibers (website in progress, sound familiar? kind of like mine:) It is important to note that Andrea of Spinster Yarns also carries dragonflyfiberdesigns sock yarns and a few spinning fibers.

Our old cat Max is not doing well and I suspect he may not be with us much longer. It's so hard to be sure when it's time. This power and responsibility we have over the life and death of our pets is very difficult sometimes. On the other hand he has had seventeen good years with us. Our first baby, in fact.

In two weeks, you must come to the Homespun Yarn party. March 30th 2 - 6 pm in Takoma Park. Click on the link to meet some of the fabulous local fiber artists who will be there knitting and spinning and eating and drinking and probably spending more than they/we make on each other's wares. So, come join us, and bring your wallet!

There was a brief reunion of the Fates at Gryphon's spin-in yesterday as our Sarah, still stuck in government contractor limbo, has not yet left for Afganistan. It was so wonderful to see her, all in one piece and to sit and spin next to her. As it should be. Keep an eye on her blog as she is giving things away. And these are good things. hand dyed silk, the occasional STR skein, you name it.

Oh, and speaking of Fates, go see Gryphon's brilliant sock design in the spring Knitty! Those great ideas just keep on coming, don't they. Well, back to the monster. It awaits.