Fabulous Fiber Sunday

I want to tell you about my fabulous fibery day last Sunday (before the next one rolls around-it won't be fibery but it will be fab). See, I've been working away very hard on secret knitting projects and having occasional yarn and fiber dyeing extravaganzas. Immediately after finishing the big red monster, I cast on for a very simple (thank heavens!) bar-inspired sweater for Pints and Purls, brain-child of two local knitters: Karida Collins of Neighborhood Fiber Co and Libby Bruce of Wine Lips (love that name!). I am now on a third secret project for the same book-to-be. Yay! It is nice and simple as knitting out on the town should be.
So, i've been an extra good girl, and it was time for some fiber indulgence. First stop, spin in at Steph's studio. Yes, the very place she makes those to dye for batts. I had a great afternoon, spinning, eating yummy things, watching everyone else spin. It was like an art yarn spinning demonstration. Steph and Carissa were doing coils, and well SUPERcoils, for that matter. Molly was spinning up a super bulky two ply in some merino she'd dyed a lovely muted blue. She also brought some things she'd knit for her shop so we could enjoy them. Nancy was doing coils and Amanda was spinning some lovely dark blue? singles.
I walked around and around the room, watching everyone's beautiful spinning, asking impertinent questions, and drooling. I stopped to watch one woman who was spinning one gorgeous art yarn after another. She offered that she spins as her full-time job. I learned that she is my favorite spinner on flickr! She is Abby of Folktale Fibers, of course you wanted to know. She and Molly and Steph all had yummy scraps to share. I did take a few, but i restrained myself from pressing all the locks and sari silk close to me and bolting from the room before anyone else could get them.

Gryphon was there with lovely Lia spinning her way through some intriguing samples from a new fiber and yarn source. Keep a look out for some amazing new yarns and fibers to show up in my shop. Of course, like a good blogger i brought my camera. And I didn't take a single picture. But here is a detail of the pretty pretty yarn I spun.

Of course, it was from Steph's batt, so how cd I go wrong?
Next post, my amazing spinning lesson with Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit. Note the crazy green yarn. I love it!

And don't forget to come see us in the main barn at MDSW at the Cloverhill Booth. Stayed tuned here for details about all the amazing artists who will be represented there.