So much fibery happiness

It's true.

Last week, the Homespun Yarn Party went beyond anyone's expectations. I met so many fabulous people: other vendors, like Mama-E and Amy and Andrea and Steph, talk about star struck! And Paula and Lindsay and Jennifer, oh my! and our event planners extraordinaire Snargle, Jess ,and Anne . Thanks so much you guys! you did a lot of work in a very short amount of time and it was awefully fun to meet and hang out with you. Although I'll admit there was an aweful lot more selling than hanging out. But how can a girl complain?

And then there were the customers. What a terrific (and patient) bunch of folks. Thank you so much for coming out to support your local fiber artists. That was definitely the best show I've ever had. Yay! I got to meet some folks that I know only on-line and that is always great fun. Finally, there were the personal saviors. Mia of knitplaywithfire and our Lauren were fiber super heroes! and we'd only just met mia.

Then there was our junior vendor and crowd draw. The amazing unstoppable Lia, who amused herself during a rush that would put fear into the hearts of much bigger people drawing on her tights and the inside of our fiber bins with permanent marker. Already expressing herself creatively.

Must stop now. Go see the flickr group for everyone's pictures. Will share more fibery joy a little later. I'm leaving you with some hand processed fleecey love. Did you notice my little coily cocoon in the top picture?