Spinning with Jacey

Part two of my fabulous fiber Sunday involved peeling myself away from the spin-in at Steph's, just as food was coming out, of course. Late as usual. very late, as usual. I called from the road to Spinster to ler Jacey know I'd be late and commenced to follow my sketchy directions from google. ("Google maps is better than Mapquest", he said. This may be fine if you have some familiarity with the area:)
I'm good at directions for some reason, and only faltered when I couldn't id the street I was supposed to turn on. I would like to blame it on the directions, but really, i was just late. I arrived at the cutest, sweetest, coziest yarn shop i've ever been inside. And there was Ms. Insubordiknit herself, waiting for me. Here I was worrying that she'd hold up the other students when i was the only one! Jacey was incredibly gracious and we got started right away, as soon as I'd run to the Safeway in the next block and back. all in all, we got started just shy of an hour late, and still managed to pack 4 hours of instruction into our three hour PRIVATE LESSON.

Again, I had my camera in the car, but did not spare the time to run and get it, although I did threaten to do so when Jacey pulled out the eyeballs. I must say, they are even cooler up close! And the batts for the Vitreous Humor yarn. Very yummy, and very "innardy". I will tell you, itis no surprise to me that the high priestess of Eyeball is even lovlier that you think she will be,AND so real and "in the moment". I had a marvelous time, spinning and hanging out, and learned so many cool things. Not just excellent arty spinning techniques, although there was plenty of that. I have already noticed my spinning has improved. This class was my first spinning class ever you know.

I learned to spin thick and thin, corespinning (the coolest!), cocoons, and beehives! I also learned how to carry along a thread or lace weight, although i must admit that I struggled the most with the technique she almost didn't want to waste time teaching, because it is SO EASY. Oh well, though I apparently was a genius at thick and thin and core spinning. Ok, maybe genius is a bit grandiose, but I like it. I also learned how to spin objects into your yarn, either threaded onto a carry along or onto roving itself. Brilliant!

Although i forgot my camera, you're in luck. Go to the Countdown blog and read the post about Insubordiknit. Oh, and her kids really are that beautiful. i got to meet her family when they came to pick her up. And the boy child, who really does look like an angel with Rock and Roll hair, skeined my crazy skein. We will not mention the fact that she made three, maybe 4 skeins of yarn in the time it took me to make this one!