Gone So Long

I have written quite a few posts in my head since the last one, but somehow never got to the keyboard. Rather than bore you with the gory details, I've included a few of the titles for these imaginary blog posts:

Maryland Sheep and Wool festival:the good (meeting all the wonderful people at the Cloverhill Booth), the not so good (my sinus infection) and the ugly (did i mention my little incident with the dumpster?)

If you look closely, you can see the warping board that I bought, thinking it was a loom, and the gorgeous antique wheel I bought at the auction. Dubbed "Mad Milly" by her previous owner, it was an impulse buy. I'll show you better pictures later.
My Life is a Country Song, all I need is a pick-up truck (TOUGH WEEK! )
Good night, sweet Max. I miss you.

My Florence Nightingale Act, or the Fourth time since February that I have been in the hospital with someone close to me; the good news is that everyone is out and recovering. My dad gets home today.
I did get lots of knitting done, including this fab hat from my first art yarn. Cool, yea?

Save Nola, and other excellent t-shirt graphics, or May in New Orleans is a beautiful place to be.
There may be no lovelier place on this earth to walk than Audubon Park.
Course, they can't grow peonies in New Orleans, and it was GREAT to get home.

In other news, I have processed some bfl from my MDSW haul. Technically, it was Mia's haul, as she was the one who found it. mia is one very generous soul, however and when she heard that i'd been looking for a bfl fleece, she let me buy it from her. Thanks, Mia! Mia also turned out to be a terrible enabler and helped me part with all of my grocery money on the way to my car. Photo's soon, I promise:)

This is a Moonlight batt. The bfl locks run throught the carder once with a little buff-colored alpaca I had on hand. Minimally processed, so the little tightly-curled lockes are still crimped and easily drafted for just a touch of texture. I couldn't resist it, so I grabbed the spindle on the way out to the pool(they're used to me by now).

So lustrous, it gleams (is that really a verb?)

Did I mention the pool? One more imaginary post title:
Summer Swim Team Sign-ups!

Trudgie says, "Go Glenwood Tigers!"