The Sweetest Thing

Life is, as usual, going about 300 miles a minute. But I couldn't let our big day go unmarked. Our mermaid has closed the door to elementary school and is about to open another to her next exciting adventure. At the promotion ceremony, each child prepared and read about on etheir favorite memories of their years at her school. For the record, this school is a wonderful place to spend one's childhood and sends each child off with love and a great set of skills for wrangling with the big wide world. I have loved every year of my children's time there and am eternally grateful to the staff for all they have invested in my babies.

Here is my girlie reading her favorite memory: of her 5th grade teacher, and year, and of a cool field trip they took to the Solar decathlon, a bunch of innovative solar and otherwise green homes displayed on the National Mall.

Oh, and here she is in the dress she didn't wear, the special one that i had dry cleaned for the occasion, that had been passed down through several families we know well. The first owner of the dress graduated from college last weekend. It's beautiful on her, and she looks like Cinderella off to the ball. I learned something, though. I can trust her. The dress she chose was more comfortable, more flattering, and more appropriate to the situation. Score one for the mermaid! We did compromise on the hair, however.

On to the spinning! i have despite all appearances to the contrary, been spinning and doing other fibery things. This skein is a two ply merino sport? weight yarn that i spun from merino roving hand painted by me. MD Sheep and Wool weekend i'd attended a birthday party for my very lovely friend Shari. A ladies cocktail party with delicious food and excellent company. Perhaps it didn't help my developing sinus infection, but it was so worth it. For her present, I'd invented a colorway in turquoises and browns and named it Albuquerque after her (hopefully, she and her family will never move back there!)

How self serving a gift of hand spun is! So much fun to make! This is the fabulous Shari, looking at me like she's going to punch me if I take another picture, and her equally fabulous husband Mike, trying not to look too annoyed.

Their son graduated today too. Along with their buddy Andy, they have been the Three Musketeers (the goofy version).

And finally, a preview of things to come. I've been busily scouring fleeces and dyeing locks. Some of which i've stolen for my own spinning. But i plan to put a bunch in my etsy store. Very soon. They are photographed, but they got a bit squished in storage and I'm not sure I like the photos. So, we'll see. These luscious locks are from the bfl fleece i bought from Mia at MDSW. So soft and curly!

Some I will card into Crazy batts, because they are so much fun to make, but I also wanted to offer uncarded locks for your textured spinning. They are especially fun to corespin (ravelry link) with I think. All for now!