My favorite sounds and sights of summer, and other knitting

First, we have the Mermaid, doing one of the things she does best: carrying our big fat orange cat around. Trudge is highly satisfactory in this regard, and even seems to enjoy it. She is all painted up for a Glenwood Tiger Swim meet, themed Dinosaurs from the Future. The full outfit involved a green and black swim cap, a painted part hat, goggles and a fierce expression. One of my favorite things about this child is that, while knocking on the door of the Saturday "A" meets, she is not swimming in them herself - yet. She wakes up early Saturday mornings and spends hours in the heat, just to cheer her teammates on. Now that's "Tiger style"! more on this later.

Another thing i love about summer, besides warmth, sunshine, and plenty of watermelon, are the hours i spend sitting by the pool knitting, while my children play happily. They are aquatic creatures, so they never get bored or cranky at the pool. in fact, if they are difficult, i try to get them to the pool as fast as i can so they can stop being that way. the boy craves impact, as a fundamental need, and he gets it safely by diving and cannonballing off the diving board endlessly.

Each year, i design and knit myself a summer top. This year's version is being knit in a double strand of laceweight Dance, dyed by me. This is a drapey, light silk noil yarn and is available from Gryphon at her shop.

A close up of the lace pattern, unblocked.

And here is the back. I'm now thinking of making the neckline a scoop, with a drawstring, for feminity, so the neckline may meed some re-knitting.

I have also been spinning. I bought a copy of lexi Boeger's gorgeous Intertwined at MDSW and have devoured it, over and over. I bought this beautiful batt from Steph of Loop

(this is only a piece of it, as i'd not been able to keep myself from spinning it long enough to photogragh it)

I've been working on learning cocoons, and "knotty little slubs", and practicing core-spinning, too.

This yarn is for a hat for a dear friend, who has done many wonderful things in the community for our kids. In fact, i signed my girlie up for brownies when i heard she was going to lead the troop, because i believe she benefits from just being in the same room as Molly. Our girls have been good friends since kindergarden, and while they will be going to different school next year, I hope they stay friends forever.

Molly is a simple but elegant kind of girl, so this hat will definitely push the fashion envelope for her, but I believe she is up to the challenge.

In addition to maintaining my own little corner of and sending yarns to Gryphon for her shop and the LoopyEwe, I have a few new things in the works taht will actually get my name out there some. Hopefully, i will have news for you next week after we return from our trip to New Orleans to see my family. Or to be honest, to bring the children for a grandparent viewing.

In order to get ready for these opportunities, I have become a child labour employer. Here is one lovely young person, a long time friend of the Mermaid's, who winds skeins for me on my Ball and Skein. She has a particularly nice way of twisting the skeins so they stay together when soaking. Here she is completeing a Seasock skein.

And, finally, some more great images of our summer. The boy, walking his dog. Now 7, he can just handle her (did I mention she's alot of dog?) so he walked her with me around our neighborhood. he was tired, and wanted to go home. But she was so happy! And i thought she was my dog. Apparently, nothing can make her happier that prancing down the street with her boy. When she tried to pull a big root out of the ground to carry as a stick, he pulled out for her. then she was a REALLY happy dog walking with her boy with a giant stick with the dirt still attached.

All painted up and getting psyched up with his buddy for a swim meet at home. Can you tell what our colors are?

The mermaid with her fellow mermaids.

And finally, even the pool can't always cure the summertime grumps.

(even if Dad did say it was ok!)