Not the real date

It's actually August 12th. Where have I been? I'm not entirely sure, but I can tell you these pictures were taken during our july 4th visit to my parent's in new orleans. My father has the most marvelous little garden in the patio or is it a court yard? behind their house. I love the tropical plants we could never hope to grow in Maryland. And I love the grill work pieces he has "salvaged" from all over the city.

I have in fact been to Nola twice this summer to look after my parents. the time seems to be here to do that. I'm not sure how to handle the fact that i don't live there and can never really do the lion's share of taking care of them. Something for my adorable brother and i to work out, i suppose. But it's hard.

Speaking of adorable little brothers and such, we did enjoy getting out and about with him. he really is the best uncle my kids could have and i love him fiercely.

The French quarter never gets old, even after all these years,

nor do powdered sugar fights at the Cafe du Monde.
They're not kidding about the live music, either. They really do play it on the streets.

I'll not try to give you an entire summer re-cap. Boring, yes? Mostly, we've been at the pool. my big boy reached the divisional diving meet and dove amazingly. He placed second, qualifying him for the All Star meet. Very big for him, indeed.

My lovely mermaid had a great season swimming, learned that she can achieve her goals if she works hard, and had a great time swimming and playing with her friends.And I danced:) Here with my friend Maripat.

I've been spinning and knitting steadily throughout, and hopefully, will be back to share pictures with you soon.