Now for the Stitches East report. We had such a great time. Many friends came to visit and to help. Elizabeth, or Eutrapelia to Ravelers, snuck in on Thursday night, and thank goodness as i was there by myself and very much needed a break.

You see, there was some pre-show chaos. Probably the worst moment was receiving a call on my cell phone from my dad in New Orleans reporting that he was going to the hospital for a nasty lung infection. He's okay now, well, he's home now, but he has a chronic lung problem that isn't ever going to get all the way better. Friends, stop smoking now! He stopped 40 years ago but didn't escape the consequences. Anyway, I of course received this call WHILE driving around lost in Baltimore. Thank you Elizabeth for covering the booth while I checked in with my family!

Many thanks to Lauren and Maggie who came to help us on Saturday. Lauren even wore a costume and bravely handled the money. And to Ms. Mia, who worked the both Saturday and Sunday and who made us delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! My kids are still enjoying the snacks she brought. She is also knitting a sample smoke ring in a colorway i didn't like much, but i'm shocked at how pretty it's turning out. You really should follow that link to see all of her pictures; she's a fab photographer.

She also made us little headless frogs, in fabrics carefully chosen to suit or temperaments:) Gryphon is modeling one for us here.

Jess was working at a booth two doors down from us, and I had a great time hanging out with her. And repeatedly borrowing her sharpie. Go see the pretty yarn she's making with some of my superfine merino roving (rav link). Dude, we gotta get you a wheel. I have a thought about this, in fact...

Also had a great time with Karida (stop back for the spoils report to see a picture of the loveliness I scored in a trade with her-YUM). She has proofs for the Pints and Purls book and the coolest postcards. Also some very interesting ideas for future books. I look forward to more cool collaborations. Very fun to see Lindsey, and meet Hannah, too! She has a gorgeous book out called Closely Knit. Gift knitting; 'tis the season, indeed.

And finally, I met three luminaries of the knit. I had just been saying to Gryphon that she needed to find a way to talk with Cat Bordhi, queen of original knitting, when Diane of Creatively Dyed boomed out, "Hey Cat!" And there she was, standing in our booth, being kind and interesting, and giving Gryphon all kinds of support and encouragement for a book idea, to be self-published, of course. Now, Gryph, honey, you need to start writing!

Sheri of the Loopy Ewe made an unscheduled visit to Stitches and our booth. What fun to meet her in person. I have now "made" her blog twice, although she always refers to me of Kate of the Sanguine Gryphon. I know that I benefit greatly from having hitched my wagon to Gryphon's star, but sometimes it's tough not being acknowledged for being ME. Don't get me wrong, Gryphon makes alot of effort to identify my stuff as my stuff and promote Dragonfly Fibers. I believe she has become so smart at marketing her brand, and has a such a huge selection of quality products to back it up, that people get dazzled. Trust me, I've seen it. It's a conundrum, but a good one:) Go see Sheri's picture; it's cute and Loopy looks pretty happy.
Speaking of marketing, I met one more person who is helping me do just that. The very cool and smart Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree Hill Yarns. I stopped by to fondle her yarns and learned that she is interested in helping indies like me improve our product and get out names out. After some very interesting conversation, she bought some sock yarn from me to market to her retailers, big and small. In fact, Ryan her web guy has already created a gorgeous mailer including my yarns. So, my hopes are that her customers will be so blown away by my amazing colors that I will be able to start a number of terrific new wholesale relationships. Yay!

Stay tuned for more fun here at Dragon headquarters, including continuing shop updates. Yippee!