Superboy knits!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend at Stitches. While I don't know yet how much I made there, I do know that I met some amazing people, got to know some others a bit better, saw somw gorgeous knits (who needs to go to the fashion show when it walks through your booth all day long!), and sold some yarn. Can it get better than that? More on all of this later. On to the most important news of all.

Last night the boy child decided he was ready to learn to knit. Initially, he found it frustrating and hard, but after a little while, he had a few rows done and begab to announce, "Knitting is FUN! I 'm ready to stop, no, just one more row... This is hard but then it get's easy...Daddy, why don't you know how to knit? here, let me teach you. What do you mean it makes you unique NOT to knit in this family. I'm unique! Because I can knit better than any of my friends. Knitting is FUN!"

I thought it might be a momentary thing but no, look, here he is knitting before school this morning. He rushed to get himself all ready so he could knit this morning. He's make a scarf for his "Bea", or his teddy bear that he's loved best since babyhood. i guess I don't have to tell you how mind-numbingly proud I am, do I?
Oh, and thanks to some encouragement from some awesome people 9more later, I promise), I'm updating the shop beginning with Dragon Sock. Don't you love this colorway? It's called Briar Rose.