Did i mention the holiday season is upon us? Despite my best attempts to tell said season to go on without me, and i will catch up later, the holidays are still here and i am still unprepared. I'm very good at celebrating and enjoying and perhaps not so good at figuring out what to give my sweet husband or when to have a party for my mermaid's 11th birthday.

Here is what I have accomplished so far.

One sock, minus the toe, and most of the cuff (leg?) of the second. Begun last october for last christmas, my "sweet adorable little brother socks" may be done by year's end.

Yarn spun for a fabulous hat, for a certain football fan. No knitting yet. Sorry, no pictures; it would be too obvious. I will tel you that it will be made of superfine merino and llama. Mmm, llama...
Yarn spun for a pretty scarf for my mom. No knitting yet. Same pic as last time. Remember the beautiful mer-silk singles?

And, well, that's it. It may be time for me to take my head out from under the sand and get on the Christmas train.

What have I been doing? I've almost finished knitting this vest, out of handspun Maggie's Farm roving. Avoidance knitting is a true guilty pleasure.

I've been updating the shop like crazy. So far i've been listing the sock yarns. Stay tuned because I have many lace yarns and spinning fibers to share as well.
I have been scouring a lovely charcoal cheviot fleece for Gryphon. This is our deal: she will create new yarn tags, based on the sharp business cards she made for me for Stitches, and I will scour her pretty fleece so she can spin a sweater for Curt.

And finally, I have been dyeing up a storm. I have been putting on two pairs of pants and three or four layers on top and my rubber golves and have been perfectly comfortable standing over my double propane burners paining yarn.

I have added a new base yarn for socks, Dragon Sock Select, to be distributed mostly by Cheryl of Cherry Tree Hill fame, although I will most likely keep some to bring to Stitches South in April. This yarn is similar to Dragon Sock in that it is a very soft yarn, firmly plied. I love dyeing it as it takes colors SO deeply and clearly. Cherry Tree Hill will also be distributing my Sea Sock yarn. I just dyed 24 skeins for a special order this weekend and somehow managed to dry it in less than 24 hours. No small feat for a blend with sea cell in it.
This week, I have come down with some evil virus, maybe the Christmas Plague and have, after shipping 132 skeins of yarn off to Cherry Tree Hill, succumbed to the inevitable. Christmas knitting, with a cup of tea in my very own bed. sigh