Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hearby resolve to do more blog posts in 2009. My goal is to post weekly; we'll see how that goes. Here we are two weeks into the year, and well, you get the picture.
Christmas in New Orleans was lovely, but sad. My dad was in fairly good shape, and fully with us, and I credit him with taking full resposibility for taking care of himself. Although my mom still has to help him put the brakes on alot. We also lost two very old family friends, both too young (early 70's is too young, you know).

Their kitties were cute as ever, seen here doing the things they do best:


and Attack!

I did not complete the dad sweater by Christmas. I showed him the last post and then showed him the sweater and, as i'd predicted, Dad did not want it frogged again. The main body is now knitted, and on advice from Mia, overdyed it with Ecru. you can no longer see the color break on the back, although it is no longer the pretty "white" color that it was. As soon as it dries, i will start the trim. I have meanwhile completed the Sweet Adorable Little Brother socks; I shall have to show you a modeled shot, as soon as i find some one with feet bigger than mine but small for a guy.

Since the New Year began, we have done many things. The boy had his first wrestling match

which he lost, but not too badly. He won his second, but he did have a few pounds on his opponent. although, I suppose this makes up for the fact that, he is so big, he usually has to wrestle boys that are at least a year older, if not more. And watching him? You cannot imagine the visceral feeling, as a mommy. A cross between "Oh my god, don't hurt my baby!" and "Kill, kill, kill!" All the other mommies do the same thing, you can see us all hopping up and down, holding ourselves to keep from making too much noise. Whew.

Meanwhile, the lovely mermaid had a big week. Wednesday, she had her first dance "concert" at school. Complete with make up and costumes. She had a fabulous time and such a Prima Donna! Goodness. This weekend she had her first swim meet in the 11-12 group. Big change, in terms of the competition. She did great in some races, and a little less than great in others. Dropped 5 seconds off her IM time though. That's theone where they do a lap of Fly, then, Back, then Breast, and then Free. Tough event. I'm proud of her. And yes, I yell when she swims too.

I have been spinning. This bit of loveliness is spun from Creatively Dyed merino, milk protein and ? roving. I fell in love with the colors at Stitches East. I think the navajo ply came out pretty well. This time. I am getting there.

I have also been knitting. The Malabrigio socks, at 9 or 10 stitches to the inch and on 00 size needles (they are like long pins), come along slowly, but not as slowly as I expected. Perhaps because knitting them is like knitting heaven, so soft and pleasing in one's hands. Mmmm...

While we were in New Orleans, I visited the Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter. The owner knew my dad in grade school. I fell victim to the Silk Garden Stripey Scarf fad, after seeing so many on the net in December. It became my mindless, self-care knitting. Worry knitting, so to speak. Another yarn that feels so good in one's fingers. I'm halfway there and, while I'm anxious to wear it, I'm enjoying the knit too much to hurry.

Finally, I have been doing some fiber prep with all of the fleeces I have been scouring and picking. I have washed the last bit of Dora, Gryphon's charcoal dwarf cheviot fleece from last year's New Jersey Sheep and Wool fest. That will be great fun to card and spin. Not ultra soft, bouncy and full of body.

My lovely Jack gave me combs for Christmas, at my request, of course. I have been busy carding some long staple Shetland, short staple and very dirty Merino, and some exquisite Llama. Yum! Turns out the hardest part is drawing the sliver off the combs. The merino was a bit tough on the wrist and shoulder, but, without a picker for all that veggie matter, it seems to be the way to go.

Finally, I leave you with a very happy batt I carded on New Year's day. fibers included are merino, silk, bamboo, shetland, sari silk, and silk noil. Someday soon, I plan to corespin it into the fluffyest bouncyest sparklyest yarn ever.