It has been an exciting time around Dragonfly headquarters! First, new labels, and now this! That's right, Dragonfly Fibers has hit the big time and is listed on the Loopy Ewe. Thanks so much to Sheri, queen of Loopy herself! And to Gryphon, who introduced us in more ways than one!

These lovelies are part of an order going to Cheryl at Cherry Tree Hill. The skein above is Sea sock in the Rocky Top colorway and below are sea sock and dragon sock select .in Vintage pink colorways. lovely all nestled together, aren't they? I just LOVE the way the select takes color. YUM!

Okay, on to knitting. This fabulous hat is knit from a beautiful yarn I made from some sticky white merino and red and pink and gold sarisilk.
As white is not a good color for me, i overdyed it a "light brown". Surprisingly, the yarn appeared washed out and sickly rather than the lovely rustic rich brown i was going for. It happens. After looking at it for nearly a year, i chose to overdye it Again. This time in a rich burgundy wine color. Bingo! It is perfect for my coloring, so I knit it into a bulky hat with corners. As you can see, I ran out of yarn right at the end. But who knew burgundy would look so good with violet?

Sorry it is not modeled. I can't seem to find a photographer who will take good pictures of me.

This cool thing is a sock in my Maggie May colorway on Sea Sock. I am knitting a toe up sock starting with Cat Bordhi's standard toe. I am knitting this for my good friend Maggie's birthday and, rather than take proper measurements, i decided it would be a ggod idea to guess her shoe size. the first try turned out to be too tight even for my skinny foot, so i frogged and started again. All i knew was that her foot was bigger than mine. Goofy way to start a sock yes?
We had Maggie over for dinner last night, as her birthday was the 14th (yes, she is a valentine's baby) and she tried on the sock. Shockingly enough, she found the width just right. She did giggle when i measured her foot length but she will be glad in the end. It's better to have custom knit socks fit, I think.
Also, and this is embarrassing, while i have knit a few socks and i have knit with my yarn before, this is the first time i have knit socks with my sock yarn. High time i found out how my sock yarns knit up, don't you think? i must say i'm pleased. And i like the little slubs of sea cell.

Here is Archangel sock progress. It's a bit slow, i'm afraid. And i can't wait to wear this sock!
Finally, i want to show you my new toy that the lovely Jack gave me for Christmas. These are Contraman Comfort Combs, purchsed from Carolina Homespun, my most favorite spinning store. Nice and sharp.

I have been using them to prepare this gorgeous but very full of veggie matter black merino fleece that i bought late last year, for some crazy reason. The combs are a thousand times slower and more fussy than the drum carder, but boy do they yield soft, fluffy, sliver that is a joy to spin.

The locks are true black with brown, sun-bleached tips and spin into a pretty soft black. this black merino will be used as an accent yarn in the Jack sweater, which i have not abandoned.

In fact, I have returned to my original idea, which is a bohus-inspired sweater knit in all natural colored hand spun yarns. i just need to prep and spin enough of this black and i'll be about ready to swatch and start.

In the meantime, i may have started a hoodie for the boy. A black hoodie with a skull on the front, per his request. Hopefully, I'll show you soon. Have a great fiberfull week!