Love completed

And here it is, finally in the finished pile. I followed Mia's advice and lightly overdyed the sweater. Who knew that they make an "ecru" colored dye? I used about a quarter of an oz of dye as the sweater is roughly two pounds and then blocked after rinsing with lavender Eucalan. I then followed my own directions (when one is complelled always to deisgn everything from scratch, it can be very nice to follow someone else's patterns, even if they are one's own!) and picked up the neck and armholes and finished them with very tennis-like bands of burgundy and navy ribbing. All in all, a very satisfying end to a ridiculously long and complicated story.

I'm pleased to report that my father has received it in the mail and tried it on, and pronounced it "perfect". The beauty of knitting for one's dad, especially as a "Daddy's girl", is that it would be perfect even if it had two neck openings and no armholes! At least at first. I hope it warms him well and is at least stylish enough that he can brag about it in the locker room and not have his friends laugh at him (and me) behind his back. It does represent nearly four years of my learning to knit, and if you look closely at it, you can see how far i've come.

Now in the yarn dyeing department, we've had to interrupt our normally scheduled programming due to snow days

and sick days.

But somehow, drumroll, Dragonfly Fibers had managed to ship off its very first Loopy Ewe order, along with a smaller wholesale order to Cherry Tree Hill.

Complete with

new labels!

Aren't they gorgeous?! After quite a few tries and paying several web design people and graphic design people, and not paying some very good friends who also happened to be talented artists, and getting some nice logo type things that weren't exactly right, the lovely and talented Gryphon (yes, That Gryphon) designed the perfect thing for Dragonfly Fibers. Of course, it helps that Gryphon is not only a talented visual artist and skilled at computer image manipulation, but that she knows me and mybusiness better than most. And, being an Indie herself, she knows what makes a good yarn tag.

And, as Len Rizzi pointed out when I stumbled into his shop, I learned something from every attempt at getting a logo design done, so the money and time is not wasted. In fact, there are elements of the very first logo, done by my dear friend Mary Logan in these tags (and soon to be banner, etc). My friend Maggie gave me the dragonfly paperweight that Gryphon sketched for the actual image used. In fact, I found that with the business in general. I've made quite a few false starts and wrong turns, and have become lost in the haze of confusion only to come out clearer on the other end I still wonder every day if I should stick with it, or give the time back to my family, but now I realize these thoughts are part of the process. And let's face it, I am a natural doubter. Do you cherish your skepticism as well? Or is that just my cowardice showing again?

Two things did not make it into the Cherry Tree Hill box. When I was gleefully tagging the Sea Sock, I notices two skeins were missing. There had been many crazy boys in my house and I havd terrible visions of them using the yarn to tie each other up or as the base of really big snow balls. After looking all over, Iwound up dying two extras and blowdrying one skein to get it in the mail! After mailing all the boxes to their respective locations, my little boy said, "Mom, i found your missing skeins! Out here, in the bushes."

Luckily, after defrosting, drying, and removing all plant material, they are sitting happily in the Stitches South box. Look at that sweet little azalea bud.

And finally, more love. We are coming up on Trudgie's first anniversary with our crazy family. Despite the week we had an extra dog around here, putting his nose out of joint for a bit, I'm fairly sure he'd tell you he's very happy here.

Ignore his grumpy expression. He just doesn't want his girl to be too confident in his affections. They were obviously meant for each other; they even match!

My sweet wild child turned 8 in January and had a good old-fashioned sleep over to celebrate with all of his best buds. His father piped out a monster truck ramp in chocolate icing-yum!

There was wrestling, rude noises, silly stories and "truth or dare" at bedtime. And even, Twister! You are looking at the Twister Queen, and the toughest of all the buds.