More fun with Yarn

Here is the Dragonfly Fibers/Sanguine Gryphon booth. Note my New Fabulous Gorgeous Sign with it's lovely and talented designer, Gryphon. She is fully decked out in her festival clothes, of course.

As is often the case, i was too busy having fun with yarn to actually even remember my camera, much less use it. luckily, Elizabeth was ready with hers and has graciously allowed me to lift these pictures from her flickr. i may have in fact borrowed one from pugmamma too.
Above is me and one of my favorite fiberistas, Steph of loop. it was great to see her and talk future "business deals", involving fleece washing and dyeing, one of my very favorite fibery pursuits. We may need to get together and have a big business meeting and, you know, bring our spinning wheels:)

And here is Jess, Grand High Counselor of this year's yarn party. Silliness aside, she and Paula Woolarina along with a few assistants and lots of awesome volunteers organized this event and did a truly great job. The space was terrific and even on a gray, drizzly day there was plenty of light. the location was central for the area and there was plenty of parking. Apparently, we had twice the number of people attening as last year, which may have accounted for my sales doubling. yay!

Doesn't entirely make up for the $350 parking ticket i was awarded for my cleverness in parking my car in a clearly marked handicapped parking spot while unloading, but it does ease the pain a bit. It's always worse when you really can't blame anyone but your boneheaded self. Oh, note the yummy merino-silk roving around Jess's neck. Handpainted by me.

I met and visited with many of the great yarnies in the Washington-Baltimore area. Here is Ang of Serendipitous Ewe. Good lady. She's clearly doing something right becasue her husband always comes to help her and her three little tiny boys were there to see mommie' show.

And note the handspun vest from roving purchsed at the booth from Maggie's Farm in New Jersey. I think she may be coming to Maryland Sheep and Wool, too. yay! The felted bag is also a Dragonfly original dyed, knitted and felted by me.

This fun with yarn happened at a spin-in at Lauren's house. We carded and core-spun, and plied our little hearts out.

I brought a giant batt to share. Kim briefly disappeared under it

but was able to escape. It is clearly carded to be a quilt batt given to me by my friend Maggie who received it from another friend. I tried some flat felting and some needle felting, inspired by this squishy, bouncy, cushy jacob batt. yum!