just a quickie

The blog has been a bit quiet as I've been busy preparing to go to Atlanta for Stitches south tomorrow. Yes, the very sanguine Gryphon and I are hittong the road again in the Yarn Bus! This time we are staying with our very sweet friend Bob (Jack's best friend from Elementary school), who is also a very talented viola player. Gryph and I may even get to see him play at the Opera!

After we return, Gryphon begins mad preparations for her Dyeing Camp, set to coincide with Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest. I will be attending art yarn spinning camp with the one and only Lexi from Pluckyfluff! many of the local and not so local east coast fiberati will be there, so you know i wouldn't miss it!

The whole big extravaganza culminates in Sheep and Wool, where I will be selling my wares throught the Cloverhill booth. Main building, right of the front door. Can't miss it! And you don't want to; Jolene will have an impressive spread of indies for sale.

So I must off and pack my knitting, and other important stuff like that. The picture above is my yarn for the au naturelle February lady sweater. I started last night and i already know i'll be midifying things considerably, as my gauge is 3.4 st/" as opposed to 4.5. Ouch! I love the unpredictability of my handspun, though. And it will be interesting doing a bulky version. may keep the sleeves short, we'll have to see.

Maybe I'll go finish tagging yarn for the show...