Oh, Atlanta!

Gryphon and I had the best time at Stitches South! We drove down, stayed with our good friend Bob, sold yarn, and ate and drank with some of the best knitters ever! I will admit that the drive was endless, culminating in my brilliant move of running out of gas less than 30 miles from Atlanta. Thank goodness for roadside assistance!

We had help setting up from Mary Ellen and Jenna, the Retail Queen, and, as a result, were relatively coherent for the Thursday night preview. They even got into organizing the yarn according to the color spectrum!
We met and got to know many fantastic Atlanta and southern knitters, many of whom looked out for us and helped us and made sure we ate and got out of town super fast when the show was over. So much so that we did half the drive that night! Katey and Priscilla took extra good care of us and helped re-stock Bugga! and broke us down after the show, along with Mary Ellen. Yay, new friends! (If I could figure out how to "borrow" flickr pics, i'd have more, but my little bit of computer know-how appears to have gone on walkabout!)
Ok, at least go here and here for some silliness. I'll wait.
Among the vendors, we saw some old friends ( Diane and Catherine ) and met some new ones, too. Brittany of KnitWitch fame organized a very fabulous dinner at her dad's restaurant, Scalini's. She and her husband Wayne were awesome and so much fun. There might have been some sillininess with dinner rolls and wine glasses and Katey and i may have been shushed once or twice (but only by the "fun police" and only when Brittany and Wayne were trying to give out door prizes.) So nice to hang with a sister loudmouth!

Pictures of the haul to come later. I didn't buy a single skein of yarn, but did get some spinning fiber. And wait til you see the spindle I bought. Oh my God!
Now, on to the Divine Miss M and her awesome dance concert. The night before Gryphon and I left, the Mermaid had a recital at her school. Her class performed a jazz number to "Shake your Groove Thing".
And shake it she did!