Attempting the art and craft of the short, succinct blog post and My First Contest!

If i cd just write less, i suspect i'd post more frequently. So here goes, poor typing and punctuation and all. First, Happy Memorial day! I worked at the hospital for about 6 hours, til a colleague asked me to trade a few hours of today for a few hours of tomorrow. So, i even got out with my family a bit. Yay!

It was a spinning bonanza for me this weekend. Friday night, the lovely Steph and Elizabeth came to spin with me. I'd scoured and dyed some fuzzies for Steph to use for her batts, so it was like a business meeting, yeah, that's it. When i take some pictures, i'll show you the delicious core-spun yarn i made from the fluffy, soft, beautiful baby cakes she brought me. yay! baby cakes! Elizabeth came, i believe, to m ake us laugh so hard we almost hurt ourselves. Get her to imitate her children for you, seriously.

Sunday, lauren had her monthly spin-in, which was stuffed to the gills with fabulous spinners. if I list them, I'll miss a name, but I will say that Sarah, fate the third, was there. more yay! Did I tell you she and gryphon have become partners? now there ae two talented dyers behind the Sanguine gryphon name! And they have some other very big plans as well. as soon as i have a link, i'll send you to Moxie. Go ahead, ask them. It was history also, because it was the last time we'll all be together before the lovely lauren is a mommy. I can't wait to meet the little angel; and, oh, i think it may be time get knitting! only a few weeks to go. I think i'll shut up now, cause i never know who might be reading...

have I told you that jess, that BunnySquirrel herself, is making me a website as we speak? It is not clear yet what i/we have gotten ourselves into 9to me, at least) but I'm hoping having a geeky hisband will some how help.

So, here is where I need you. I need help figuring out a "color scheme" as we speak. I just can't seem to narrow things down. i know i don't want pastels or primary colors, but there are so many fabulous hues to choose:) That's why i dye stuff.

Here are some of my favorite Dragonfly yarn pictures. Please let me know in the comments what colors you think will work well as my color theme/website color scheme. Ok? I have some pretty new spinning fiber and some yarn to put up on my site, hopefully tomorrow after i send Jess some write ups she needs for the site. so, leave a comment with some color help for me and the merchildren will put all of the names in a bowl and choose a name randomly. You'll have till the end of the the week. the winner will get to choose a skein of yarn or a braid of roving from my etsy store. ok?

In addition to looking for an update this week on my etsy shop, if your a Baltimorian, you can now find Dragonfly spinning fiber at Spinster Yarns and Fibers. Go by; it's a lovely little yarn shop. I hear their spin in is pretty great, too.