Spinny, Fibery Joy

I am somewhat at a loss for words to describe the fuzzy joy that has been my life lately. After inventory and saying a brief hello to my family, I was back out the door to attend Camp Pluckyfluff DC, hosted graciously and entertainingly by Steph of Loop and Carissa of Treadle to the Metal. I was fairly sure I needed to move to Atlanta last week and now, I may need to go to California to folllow Lexi around. I must say that Lexi is truly the Goddess of the Spin that she appears to be and a brilliant and lovely soul to boot. And funny as hell. I hadn't laughed that much in, well, maybe a few days, thanks to my new knitting sisters in Georgia.

She made it all look so easy! I did learn a few things: tailspinning, bath mat yarn, mohairy, and crazy carding. Nothing like putting the entire spinning batt through at once! Camp yarns to be shown off later.

Spinning company was pretty awesome too. I miss you already Elizabeth! Along with giggling like a 10 year old and saying lots of bad words.

Here is Elizabeth, Lexi, me, and Steph hanging out at MDSW.

Despite the rain, Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest was fabulous. The sheep were adorable, the wool was lovely as ever, and the people were great. I worked for a few hours Saturday morning at the Cloverhill Booth where my yarn was being sold. I met lots of great people there and even signed a few copies of Pints and Purls. Did i mention that I have a few new patterns published in this awesome, clever book. Karida, who wrote this book along with Libby Bruce, gave me my copy along with my knitted sample of "Barfly". More later; this deserves a post of its own!

Here Elizabeth and I camp it up with Carrie of Funky Carolina (insert fan girl shrieking here) and Carissa.

As if all that yarny goodness wasn't enough, my mermaid decided it was time to try spinning again. Gryphon had taught her two years ago (right before MDSW) and she had picked it right up, but had had trouble keeping the wheel going in the same direction while drafting, etc. This time, no problem. Mermaid girl may just be a spinner after all.
Kitty seen here helping her draft:)

See that bobbin? That's just the first day!
Finally, I must present Super Sweetie:the usually lovely Jack. He can bring home the bacon, or tofu, depending, fry it up, and run Dragonfly Headquarters,(minus the yarn) while the Chief Dragonfly is away for long periods of time.

He has also been my husband for thirteen years as of yesterday (not 15 years, honey:) and I love him more today than i ever thought i could.

P.S. If you didn't get enough yarn and spinning fiber at the fest, stay tuned! I'm updating the shop over the next week or so and expect more Dragonsock to appear on The Loopy Ewe during the next "sneak up'.