And the winner is...

Robin! Hurray! Congratulations! I just want to say, thanks so much to everyone for playing! I've met so many great people both in real life and on the web in the last few months, well, years, really, and you have all been so supportive of my business and my crazy desire to paint colors on yarn. It seems like Dragonfly Fibers has really taken off lately and I blame you guys!

On the subject of the new sparkly website itself, Jess and I will be meeiting soon and I can't wait to see what she has done. The color suggestions were all fabulous, and some of the other suggestions were very helpful too. You are all right, of course. You'll have to stay tuned to see the new look for Dragonfly.

One thing that became immediately obvious as I set about publicizing my very first blog contest is that I need a Rav group to communicate with customers। I won't say "fans", even though you guys do make me feel sooo great! So please look out for that to come up in the next little while. I'm trying to come up with a clever name. Suggestions, are of course, totally welcome. The best suggestion I've had so far was Karen's "Dragonfly Fiberphiles" but we thought it was too close to another indie's name (fiberphile).
All of your fabulous support has had other benefits for me, too. The lovely Sheri of The Loopy Ewe fame has offered to bring my yarn to Sock Summit. Serious happy dance after that email! But, I decided to fly out to Portland and join Gryphon and Sarah in their booth. The Sock Summit will be history after all. I haven't registered for anything, but to be in the same city block with Anna Zilboorg and Barbara Walker, beyond ultracool. really. And who knows? maybe they'll come say "hi". I'll give them free yarn:) I had such a great experience meeting the Southern Knitters that I have to imagine that going to Portland will be excellent for my business too! And, thanks to the magic of the internet, I will be staying with a lovely knitter, Nikki of Kurokids on Ravelry। I met her at Maryland Sheep and Wool as she'd travelelled cross-country to go to Gryphon's Dye camp. Can't wait!
In the meantime, back in cold and rainy Maryland, we are starting our summer and ending our school year, all at the same time। The kids and i are attending an endless parade of end of the year parties and overlapping sports practices. All fun, but real life can really get in the way of blogging! And dyeing yarn and fiber for that matter. I expect sunshine this weekend, and in the meantime will be dyeing in between the raindrops. Also scouring fleece and dyeing it. And picking it with my new fancy kitty picker. Next time, pictures, I swear!
And Robin, can you please send me your contact info so we can get you your winnings?